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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Want to make easy money?

If you've been to our advanced class, you know that one of the ways we tell you that you can earn FREE money easily is by signing up for surveys. We will only put legitimate survey websites that we have personally tried and trust on our website. Believe me, all it took was one day googling different survey websites for me to get enough spam to last me a lifetime! There are definitely tons of spam survey sites out there but one that I LOVE is Inbox Dollars! Why? Because it is SO EASY! All you have to do is click on emails when you get a "paid email" and you automatically get 2 cents in your account! Once you reach $30 you can cash out and recieve a CHECK! You might think it takes a long time to get to $30 but you get up to 4 and 5 paid emails a day AND you can choose to complete surveys and other items to earn even more cash quickly. The important thing to note about this survey site is that ALL you have to do is "click the paid email" then X out of it. DON'T spend all your time filling out and signing up for everything it offers you. Just click the email from your inbox, then when it pops up, click out of it and go on to the next email. It is so easy and I LOVE getting a $30 check in the mail for doing nothing but checking my email!! If you are interested in signing up, go here to get started! PLUS, if you sign up now you will get a FREE $5 bonus just for signing up!!

Feel free to comment in the comments section if you know of any other sites you'd like us to try and then post on our website!

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