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Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday weekend...

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that means there will be no coupon inserts in this Sunday's paper. Boo =( Don't get us wrong, we like holiday weekends, but we love coupons!

We just didn't want anyone to go out and buy extra newspapers this weekend not knowing there will be no coupons. Get excited for next week's coupons though!


  1. Hi, wanted to let you know that the deal in the Food Lion circular where you purchase Heb. National Hot dogs, and Gulden's Mustard to get a free ketchup, the mustard, listed in the circular as a 1.89 or something, is actually only .59! Also, there is a tearpad for $2 off pork with the purchase of 2 KC masterpiece BBQs (also on sale and coupons available). You can put this towards the ribs that are on sale! Hope this helps! There are coupons for the hotdogs and Gulden's as well, listed in the blog

  2. Thank you! I would have been calling the newspaper office to find out where the coupons were!

  3. There is a very small packet of coupons in The Burlington Times News Newspaper today!! Every little bit helps