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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fraudulent coupons

We just got an email from a reader asking if some coupons she had been emailed were legit or fraud because they seemed "too good to be true." The coupons were for a Free 12 pack of Pepsi, Free Dannon yogurt, $10 off Duracell Batteries, and Free Folgers coffee up to $10. The answer is YES, these coupons are too good to be true and are fraudulent coupons. I found an article that was helpful here.

If you receive these coupons in your email, please make sure you do not print these and let the person who sent you the email know that these are not legitimate coupons! Fraudulent coupons only hurt couponers because stores may one day get to the point where they decide to not accept printable coupons and we don't want that! So help us by not using coupons that you know to be fraudulent and if you have a question about a coupon specifically, email us and we will investigate whether it is legitimate or not.

Here is a website with a listing of fruadulent coupons in circulation.

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