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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coupon frustration outlet

Ok, we know many of you have had an experience at a store that makes you question why you still coupon. Either a cashier or a manager has given you a hard time about a coupon or has not known their own coupon policy. Well here's your chance to vent. We want to hear from you the most common frustrations about couponing. If there is something we can do about the frustrations, we will try and fix it!

Here's an example of a frustrating coupon moment:

A few months ago, I went to a store and tried to use a competitor coupon (which it clearly stated in their policy that I could do) and was told by the manager that he wouldn't accept that coupon because there wasn't one of those stores within a 2 mile radius. Well, the first thing I did when I went home was mapquested the location of both stores and lo and behold, the competitor store was within 1.4 miles so I printed my map and took it with me the next day. I ended up talking with the same manager and showed him my map. To my delight, he agreed with me and told me he would accept those coupons from then on.

Post in the comments section your frustrating coupon moment and get it all out! We want you to vent! When you're done, let us know if you have any ideas for ways that we can tackles everyone's coupon frustrations. We all just want to save a little money and being hassled doesn't help our cause.

Have at it folks!

1 comment:

  1. I've had 2 bad experiences with coupons. I went to Walmart to do the free items after coupons and was told very rudely by the front end manger they didn't do that. I told her I had her store policy with me and she told me she didn't care, they didn't do it, wouldn't do it and I could just deal with it. I took my coupons and left everything. On a good day I might have called the manager but I was embarrassed to say the least. I haven't couponed at Walmart since.
    The next time was during triple coupons at HT. I used my 5.00 off at Walgreens, gave it to the cashier before my other coupons. She called the manager to override it but in the mean time took my coupons out of my hand and began to process them.. I asked her if the 5.00 Walgreens could still be used because I had been told it needed to be used before other coupons.. she assured me it would but when the manager came over he wouldn't do it. I told him I had given the coupon first ... he said it didn't matter and "you coupon people" need to learn the rules. I just left the store... I don't like drama.. just not in to it.. at all.. I don't mind being coupon savey but I'm not going to get in a loud disagreement. I just find the whole process too stressful to be enjoyable.