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Monday, February 7, 2011

For the Mommies and the Grandparents!

Alright moms and grandparents how many of you love a good deal on diapers? I do! We get asked in a lot of our classes how we get such good deals on diapers, so here is an amazing site that I am just in love with! Diapers.com is a site you can order whatever you need as far as baby items go and they will be shipped right to your door! However right now they are offering 30% cash back on diaper,wipes and formula orders and 15 % cash back on everything else for the next 3 months! So this in itself is great! Go through ebates and save 1% as well. I know that does not seem like much but to me, every penny counts! However there is more good news! This website has ecoupons which are applied at checkout and they also accept manufacturer's coupons! All you do is mail in you shipping slip from a previous order with your coupons and they credit your account for your next order!

Okay Okay so this is great and all but how do you make it sweeter? Remember all the pampers codes that we put up for you guys? We go over this in our classes and tell you to create yourself an account so you can redeem them for prizes! So on pampers.com there is a gift certificate for $3.00 off for 350pts or one for $10 off for 1,000 points! I just order over 400 diapers and got them all for the price of one box at Walmart $25.00! And they are going to be delivered to my door step!!! So below I will break this down exactly how to get a crazy awesome deal!

1. Create yourself a ebates.com account
2. Type in the ebates search bar Diapers.com
3.Create yourself a Diapers.com account
4. Add which items you would like to your cart
5. Create yourself a Pampers account or sign in to your account you SHOULD already have:)
6.For those of you that have the points to turn into gift certificates, click browse rewards catalog and cash out for your $10 gift certificate. If you have enough points to get more that one go for it! I got 3 and still have enough points to get more:)
7. Go back to your Diapers.com account apply your gift certificates
8. Checkout and enter this code in the promo code box BRIT9692 this gets you your discount!
9. Your finish except for your manufacturer's coupons! Put them in an envelope and mail them to the address below after you receive your first order so that your account will be credited!

P.O. Box 483
Jersey City, NJ 07303

**If you have any ?'s please email us!**

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