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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harris Teeter Triples Start today!

Not like we would let you forget, but TODAY STARTS HARRIS TEETER TRIPLE COUPONS! Triples will run until next Tuesday so you have a week to get your free and cheap items! We've already been this morning and saved over $100 each!

Use the comment field to let us know how your trip went and if you found any great deals you'd like us to post!


  1. Saved $76.00 today. My first big try so it was stressful but will try again tomorrow for more deals.

  2. With just the printables, I saved over $41 in groceries today! I had coupons for cereal, but i think if you buy 3 boxes of kellogs, you get a coupon at checkout for a free gallon of milk because I got that too! Thanks!

  3. I spent $15 and saved $40. I would have done better, but we were out of milk and baby yogurt, and no coupons/sales for either. Harris Teeter at Friendly is getting a new shipment in tonight, so I plan on heading out again tomorrow night.