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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get free Swagbucks!

I just checked and right now you can earn easy swagbucks by following these steps:

Go to Swagbucks
Mouse over "ways to earn" at the top (along the toolbar) and then click "special offers"
To the far right click on "no obligation offers"
Skip or say "no thanks" or "no" to all of the offers (you don't even have to read them)
At the end, the screen will pop up and tell you that you have earned your swagbucks!

Don't know what Swagbucks is? It is a free search engine that you can earn points or "swagbucks" just by searching the internet! Once you accumulate enough points, you can cash these in for rewards like electronics, music, or giftcards (our favorite is the Amazon giftcard but they also have Barnes N Noble, Starbucks, Target, etc!). It's an easy way to earn "free money" and its FREE so sign up today and start searching! Remember, you earn swagbucks by searching so search often because you can win several times a day!!

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