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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay guys it has just been confirmed that TRIPLES will begin April 28th-May 4th! We will be posting a list of coupons for triples shortly!!! Go ahead and start getting prepared! We will have a freebie list up by Sunday night and the sale flyer list up by Monday or Tuesday!!


  1. Hey girls... I emailed the President of Walmart yesterday because WM of Burlington would not let me use my $1 off Scotchbrites. The manager called me from Bur WM and told me I would not have trouble anymore with it. If they question it tell them that the Assistant Manager Wanda said we could. so there you go

  2. Thank you so much! Did they say what made them change their minds? The fact that the coupon is legitimate and will reimburse Walmart for the face value plus 8 cents? Thanks again, this is great to know!

  3. This is my first time using triple coupons at Harris Teeters and I am excited to see how much money I can save!
    Kelly Herriott